Building the new foundation for capital investment.

Who are we?
ProtoIPO, Inc. was formed in early 2012 with the mission of reducing friction in capital markets. We are a team that combines our strong technical base and financial industry experience to provide products, services, and infrastructure towards that mission. We are built upon both existing deal structures, and changes made in the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act.
What do we do?
Fundamint Logo
Our product, the Fundamint Platform, is managed software and infrastructure we created for brokers and funding organizations facilitating capitalization. As a foundation of security, reliability, and scalability our customers can adapt and grow without having to expand out of their core competencies. Every broker has their own portal operated independently, or as part of a network of brokers. This offers a unique environment where deals can be privately listed on their portal, or published across all portals. A broker’s investor base gains access to more deals, their companies can reach more investors, and still maintain their relationship with their customers.
Where can you find us?
Are you interested in working with us as a customer or partner? Send us a quick email, and we will respond. We can be reached at